antelope canyon, horseshoe bend



Follow me to lower Antelope Canyon and atop Horseshoe Bend…

Convertible cruising from Sin City all the way to Page, Arizona, to experience, explore and adventure nature’s most magical places.

It really is a sight to see. Walking deep into and through the passageways of Antelope was incredible. Ultimately a sand dune, created by water, wind and sand revealing a sculptured masterpiece that will leave you breathless. Sun ray reflections striking the canyon walls below create ultraviolet beaming lights that are truly astonishing.

[A walk through tour lasts about 90 min. The canyons can be very narrow at points and super steep stairs are taken to lower yourself 100ft. deep into the canyon.
It is an extremely touristy attraction so be sure to purchase tickets in advance and prepare to tag along with hundreds of people-a bit maddening but equally worth it.]

We walked through with Dixie Ellis Tours, and they were great!

As far as Horseshoe Bend …there are simply no words to describe the ingenious work of Mother Nature and the incredible beauty of this enchanted place. Merely a mile hike to the spot; it’s nothing too exhausting but more so exhilarating. Once you reach its peak…well, you will just see…

Our final stop was a place called the Wave. Little did we know, there was about a 35 min off road excursion to the destination and not quite so fancy in a Mustang convertible (insert crying laughing emoji here). Once we arrived, and to our surprise, a permit is needed to enter the landscape premises. All permits were sold out for the day. On top of that we discover it’s a 4 ½ hour round trip hike to and fro. We were not prepared by any means thus leaving us only with photos in a deserted canyon road on top a convertible. ♡

Sweet place to stay near both sites: Best Western Plus