ask ela

where are you from?
Chicago 🙂

how long have you been blogging?
I began blogging in 2011

who’s your style icon?
I’m inspired everyday! People, places, things- MARY-KATE and ASHLEY, Kate Moss, traveling and magazines, to name a few.

what’s your favorite place you’ve traveled?
I’m extremely fortunate that I’ve had the opportunities to travel so much. I don’t have a single favorite spot but I do love Europe- Greece, Turkey, Croatia, are all so beautiful in their own way. Go out and explore! The world has so much beauty to offer.

what’s your favorite outfit to wear?
I love re-wearing pieces and styling them different ways! A versatile dress that will transition easily from gladiator sandals in the summer to booties, a bomber and scarf come Fall is a must-have for me.

top 3 closet essentials?
1. anything leather (pants, bomber, booties, tall boots, shorts…)
2. white (tee, collared shirt, sweater) or any black basic
3. pointy toe pumps
… the list goes on… love my everyday classic jewelry as well

what would you splurge on vs. save?
Splurge on classic pieces that will last you a VERY long time and never go out of style like a leather bomber, great pumps, handbag.
Save on denim! You can find great jeans at very affordable prices.

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