sailor chic



It’s all work and play in the midst of steel beams, Chicago bridges…
The donna pant– red hot and sailor chic, it’s the perfect alternative to your basic trouser.
Wide leg and high-waisted allows so many ways of fun styling.  Try them with a sleek bodysuit as shown above, but even cuter together-  crop top and messy bun 😉
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bodysuit similar here and here
photography, Ali Stone

happy 4th birthday, generation bliss!



Sharing with you a compilation of photos from our lookbooks over the years. Hard to believe it’s been four years! Seems just like yesterday we were cutting the ribbon at the Grand Opening and toasting with family and friends. February 1st will always stay true to my heart and today we are celebrating year FOUR!

To all the bliss beauties, you truly are what drives this business and most importantly what carries my dream. Thank you for supporting me in this journey and continuing to shine in all things bliss.

Special thank you to my people- you all know who you are 😉 you have truly been the backbone of this boutique and have helped strengthen and build it with each year. I can’t thank you all enough for making this journey the sweetest, most rewarding and insanely fun experience. You all mean so much and it wouldn’t have happened without your continuous support. I’m grateful for each of you…

p.s. Stop by our boutique location or shop online for 20% off all merchandise now through Sunday!

adidas for casual cool



The epitome of casual cool is comfort, but being comfortable doesn’t mean you need to look careless and not put together. You can totally look cool and be comfortable.

Here’s how to look boss on off-duty days-

Begin with a base layer. My go-to leggings are always HUE. Thick enough to bypass as pants and light to the point of being extremely comfortable; add a white tee and your base is complete. In this case, I like the length to be a little longer to layer over. Black and white is clean and classic but mostly the most perfect color combo ever.

Top off your base with a neutral sweater. This gives you warmth and the sole purpose of being able to wear a denim jacket in the middle of winter, in Chicago. I’ve been dying over this jean jacket I scored in the men’s section of Zara- size XL. It’s the perfect oversized that allows you to layer under for extra warmth but also let’s you be a total badass with just a tank or dress too ☺

These kicks! A sweet present I received and the ultimate representation of casual cool. Adidas NMD reminds me a version of Yeezy without breaking the bank. The pop of neon adds a fun twist to a rather neutral outfit. Might I add they are like socks on your feet! SO comfortable. Here’s to running around, and looking rather, really cool.

Finally, don’t forget the accessories. They allow a more boring outfit to appear bright and exciting. I like tying pieces together- rose gold aviators to bring out the shades of pink in my kicks and a lighter gray beanie to compliment the rest. Don’t forget, fur is the key to winterizing the look!

Shop my outfit here:
Sweater: Generation Bliss, similar HERE
Jean Jacket, similar HERE
Kicks, similar HERE

Shout outs to Allison of Quiet Lion Creations for the bomb photography

&  Kuba for the fun kicks ❤

ps. it’s my birthday tomorrow!

slip dress and tassels



Still feeling colorful after the trip to Cuba and couldn’t help but pull over when spotted this deserted ice cream shop, all shades of red.

New in Generation Bliss, this black slip dress that makes for the perfect staple all year round. Come freezing months, seen here, sport it with an oversize black shearling bomber that’s inspired by Acne but made affordable by Zara. Sleek black booties and tassel chokers to polish the look. Can’t help but dream of ways to wear it warmer months like layering a white tee or tank under with sneaks and a messy topknot.

Feeling this slip oh so much.

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shearling bomber here and here
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here in havana



Though just three short hours in flight, landing in Cuba was as if landing a few fifty years back in time…Where classic American cars are everyday staples, bright colored buildings line the streets looking more like archaic ruins of strategically placed art, thus making every street corner picture perfect. Where salsa music brings life to the city, Internet is virtually non-existent and Havana club mojitos are essential with every meal. A place so worth venturing to and exploring, one unlike I’ve ever experienced before.

We landed on Obispo Street, down the way of Villegas and up a winding staircase where our airbnb humbly rested on the third floor. Overlooking the Havana streets from our balcony, as old time Chevys parked and locals hurriedly walked the avenues below. It’s busy, it’s chaotic, it’s loud and nonstop, but its bustle brings beauty and vivacity, making the city rather charming.

I’ve round up a list of great restaurants, places to visit and things to do. Though a fantastic country to see, you come home appreciating and loving your life that much more. Hashtag blessed.



Francesca’s Bakery in the town square for the best cappuccino you’ll ever have, delectable pastries and bomb breakfast.

Also fantastic breakfast at O’Reilly Café where 4 CUC will get you 2 eggs, toast, fruit and coffee that’s really great!

Floridita for strawberry daiquiris and a wild, music filled atmosphere. This place is always slammed so take note!

304 O’Reilly for tacos, empanadas and octopus… a giant watermelon mojito there is also a must! Just thinking about it makes my mouth water.

Hotel Nacional- a beautiful hotel situated right along the Malecón (you can compare the Malecón to Lake Shore Drive of Chicago). Grab a drink (Piña colada, AMAZING!) order a Cuban sandwich (delicious) and smoke a cigar overlooking the Malecón. It’s truly a sight to see.

RENT AN OLD CONVERTIBLE and take a town tour! It’s the best way to explore the city, top down and makes for the most amazing photos!

Varadero- a two-hour drive from Havana will get you to this beautiful sandy beach. Round-trip cost $120 with a driver. A great way to get away from all the hustle and bustle for a day.

Get lost in the city streets! Sometimes the best way to explore is not having a plan, not knowing where you’re going. So venture off into the unknown, you’re bound to find some really cool spots and get some really rad pics.

TIPS for traveling CUBA!

• Before you go, exchange your USD to EUROS here at any main bank branch. When you arrive in Cuba, it is much easier to exchange the EUROS for CUC as the euro is worth a little more than the CUC and there is no 15% tax like on the USD.
NOTE: the lines to exchange are very, VERY long…be prepared to wait in a winding line down the street and around the block, or head over to Hotel Nacional where the exchange rate is a tad more, but saves you loads of time! And REMEMBER! Always bring extra cash, as there are NO credit card systems anywhere!

• If you’d like to purchase Cohiba Cigars, don’t buy them anywhere off the streets, as they are made with banana leaves and therefore a fake Cohiba. You can purchase the real deal also at Hotel Nacional, or as we chose, a “cigar factory” which in reality was truly a scene out of the movie “Taken” cue- fear for life.
NOTE: Two ways of determining your cigar is legit-
1. Roll it in between your hands; if the tobacco is falling out from the bottom, it’s really dried up banana leaves crumbling.
2. If you press down in the center, the cigar should easily press down, indent, then return to its original state like a sponge. The “moisture” is what makes it real.

*You purchase your travel Visa at the airport…We had a layover in Miami and purchase the visa for $100 directly at the gate before boarding. Very simple.

Here’s a link to where we stayed– our host was very accommodating though didn’t speak a word of English, so brush up your Spanish- you’ll be needing plenty of it in Cuba!

Happy New Year, big love and well wishes to you all!


ps. one of the oldest Havana NYE traditions are the locals, getting people walking the streets wet with buckets of water from above! Once the clock strikes midnight, beware- because you will most likely and unknowingly be drenched! So. Much. Fun.

Reminds me of the polish holiday “Smingus Dingus” after Easter.


the best christmas presents



My top 7 gifts for the holidays that are pretty much perfect for her or him 🙂
You guys honestly can’t go wrong with any of these options as they are all so AWESOME. My thing  with gifts is I rather splurge on one nice item that they can use over and over again instead of oodles of small gifts that are seasonal. Some might be a little more but I’m telling you, it’s well worth the price!

Happy (Christmas) shopping!

1. Amazon Fire Stick
2. Artis Makeup brush Oval 7
3. GoPro Hero 5
4. Dyson Hair Dryer
5. Gisou Hair Oil by Negin Mirsalehi
6. Bobbi Brown Face Lotion 
7. Rimowa Salsa Air Carry On

pom pom faux



Can’t believe it’s December 1st! Where has the year gone?! Just a few short weeks before it’s Christmas…

“It’s Christmas time, there’s no need to be afraid…” sidetracked by one of my favorite Christmas songs and you can listen to it HERE! ☺

Feeling this outfit for more than one reason. Aside from being the perfect transition from fall to winter, mixing a hint of both seasons to debut this look… faux fur, leather leggings, suede boots and an oversized tee all add hints of both. And when the perfect faux mink bag is embellished with crystals, there’s really no reason not to be entirely pleased. Winter wonderland on my bag never looked so chic.

It’s crunch time for holiday shopping…I’ll be putting together some holiday gift guides for you! Stay tuned for an upcoming post on that.

Shop my look here:

Faux Fur Jacket and Purse, Generation Bliss

Leather leggings, Helmut Lang

Suede Boots, Valentino, similar HERE

White tee, Topshop

Photography by the best: Allison Cooling of Quiet Lion Creations