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Feeling floral and total frill in this white rose Givenchy throw, and what better way of channeling my inner Bradshaw then matching my bomber to my bouquet?!

Snatched this sumptuous staple years ago and realistically for one reason only- Sex and the City swag. Being Givenchy and on sale I didn’t think twice. How perfect a fit to shoot this amazing arrangement from Petal Play Design.

An array of pastel tones- blushes, beiges, creams and whites makes for the perfect bouquet of chic. A bundle of blossoms so great they transpire a sort of raw emotion- one of beauty, eloquent, grace…

… Where every bouquet tells a story… Petal Play Design.

Thank you Viv for this amazing arrangement! For any and ALL of your floral needs go see Vivianna at Petal Play in Lemont. She will NOT disappoint!

*Had the most difficult time trying to find the bomber or at least one similar for less… seriously, NO LUCK.  Shop my runner up here: another bomber 😉

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