dubai photo diary



The long awaited post has finally landed and where do I begin?! Narrowing thousands of photos to about 40 for starters.  I gave you guys a glimpse of my trip via Instagram and Snapchat but here’s a fuller scope of what went on across the world…


A few weeks ago my family and family friends flew 14 hours to Dubai, U.A.E. It was a trip of a lifetime experiencing and exploring this beautiful, unfamiliar culture.

We adventured through the city on the Big Red Bus tour. This takes you everywhere in Dubai you’d want to go, while riding “convertible” on top, taking in all the city’s amazing buildings and architecture. With a hop on, hop off route, a must is getting off at each of the souks in Old Town- textile, spice and gold. Walking through narrow pathways filled with vibrant colored fabrics in sequined texture, bowls full of flavorful spices and gold upon gold so extravagant and grand. A place you’re sure to find hidden gems and more so, truly a sight to see.

We trekked through the desert camelback and I’ve come to realize that a camel might just be the raddest creature, ever. Though it was extremely hot, it was extremely fun (see photo Andrew and David on camel) …crying.

Did you know camels have two rows of eyelashes to protect their eyes from the desert sand?!

Felt like an Arabian princess while roaming around the Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi. This was surreal. Though mandatory to be covered head to toe (literally) embracing the culture and being able to dress in a different way totally made this experience that much more.

Thanks to the Waldorf Astoria on the Palm for making our stay so wonderful and a greater thanks to the people I got to share this journey with- my family and the Krajewski’s <3

Stay tuned for my next post, our trip to the Maldives!

But first, some tips for traveling Dubai!

*If you are planning a trip, my one recommendation is this- go in the winter months! Our trip was absolutely brilliant but it was scorching hot, humid, sticky… You get the point. 125° is flaming when you’re excursioning outdoors.

*Embrace the culture! It’s respectful to dress appropriately everywhere you go (shoulders and knees covered for girls) but this can totally be fun as well! Not purchasing anything new for this trip, I was able to incorporate pieces from my wardrobe that I would most likely never wear in this fashion at home.

Also, get some HENNA!

*Shop the Malls: Mall of the Emirates and Dubai Mall. You think mall?! Yes, mall, but unlike one you’ve ever seen. Thousands of stores with brands both known and ones just discovered. I mean, there’s an indoor ski and snowboard park where you can even meet PENGUINS! Not normal but seemly for Dubai if that makes any sense. All in all-very cool. My favorite store, Harvey Nichols is a MUST.

*24k gold flake cappuccino at the Emirates Palace.  If you’ve seen Sex and the City 2 you’ll know exactly which palace!

*Charter a yacht for a few hours and cruise along the Persian Golf, amazing!

Photos taken by Olivia, Natalie and me ☺ on Sony, GoPro and Canon