generation bliss – the untold story

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day I: winterblue

bon bini!


In the words of Princess Fiona, “by day one way, by night another…”
… A slight shift in style can ultimately prove I have no “fixed” style. Though somehow I’ll always cherish a bit luxe yet casual, simple but elegant, polished and undone. Clean solids, yet love prints and patterns; appreciating bold colors and heavy textures while sweeping toward neutral tones, basic blacks and heather grays. Clean lines and unadorned silhouettes are a given but an accessorized, edgy style is fierce. Ultimately, I describe myself as an experiment- to undertake new trends yet embrace what’s best for me. I could never be placed in a single category as “one type”. The truth of my being is ever evolving.

Enjoy ☺

^^^ My very first blog post and the journey thus far…

Six years ago the seed was planted, but STOP, rewind and let’s look back.

A college graduate with a degree in broadcast journalism. The plan was a career in broadcasting- news anchor, journalist or reporter. An out of state job offer made my heart drop. Chicago was my home and my family. I needed both to thrive. With this realization I knew I had to let this opportunity go.

I decided to revise my resume and take my degree in a slightly different direction- fashion journalism. Having only broadcast related experiences on my resume, I needed to incorporate my writing skills while simultaneously sharing my sense of style. My mom was my source of inspiration and fashion was embedded into my soul at a young age. I knew this without even knowing it.

Inspiration drew from life; books, magazines, travel, celebrities and culture. Soon, I discovered a revelation- the world of blogging. Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast was my go-to inspo. While scrolling through her feed, I had a light bulb moment- I CAN DO THIS. I took my brother’s camera and decided to blog about me. In blogging, I can showcase my writing and my style, which would be a great addition to my resume.

Weeks of endless brainstorming I came up with Generation Bliss for my blog name. It was this generation, an era of people at this moment in pure bliss– a place to find beautiful imagery, a space with constant inspiration. My generation was bliss. From that moment, Generation Bliss came to life. It was a creative outlet that took over everything inside me. I felt so happy, so free, so proud, sharing my styles and blurbs. I also knew this was the start of so much more. It felt so right. I became determined. A year later, I turned my blog, Generation Bliss, into an online shop.

Out of a spare room, I stored inventory and created the website. My sister and my brothers were my online models. I shot photos of them in my fashions and created my own Internet shopping haven. I launched in June 2012. But it didn’t stop there…

Our home became a “revolving door”. Family and friends would come over to shop, then friends of friends and later Internet friends. It was getting chaotic. I began to explore the notion of opening a physical location that would give my customers a full shopping experience. And here I am!

February 1, 2013 was ribbon-cutting ceremony at Generation Bliss.
My family and friends gathered to celebrate. With the accompanying highs and lows of being an entrepreneur, I can honestly say it’s bliss. Generation Bliss will be celebrating its fifth year and I couldn’t be happier.

All this wouldn’t have been possible without all of you.

Big love always and follow me for the next chapter <3 !

Photography by Luis of Focal. Vision 🙂

girl-boss-business-babe-running-a- business-entrepreneur