Following one of my favorite bloggers, Negin Mirsalehi and her gorgeous hair, I had to try her very own honey infused hair oil that landed recently.

Upon its arrival, I opened the box and wow- a storybook creation! The wrapping is surely a treasure in itself…

Six generations of beekeeping in the Mirsalehi family allowed Negin to use her very own product as the signature ingredient in this oil- honey from her father’s bee garden.

Benefits of honey:
Natural humectant: attracts and retains moisture
Blend of minerals, vitamins and amino acids and antioxidants
*All of which rejuvenate and preserve the health of hair

Negin provides four ways to use the product and all of which I have tried.

-Addition to your hair mask for deeper conditioning
-Overnight treatment

She notes an important step, which I strongly stand by- in the beginning you may find that the oil makes your hair feel a little more greasy than normal leading to reduced volume. This is just the oil getting accustomed to your hair-be sure to continue using it! Once your hair is adapted, you will notice it feeling stronger, smoother, healthier and voluminous. Be sure to try all four methods to see which work best for you.

My favorite way to use the product is as a detangler after shampooing and conditioning my hair. I use 1-2 small drops (dime size max) and run it through damp hair. Once my hair is dried and styled, I like to add a tiny drop after for additional bounce and shine.

Remember- all hair types vary and are all different! It may work one way on me and another way on you. But in the long run, the benefits are truly lasting.

Here’s a direct link to purchase: Gisou

Enjoy! xo

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