halloween costume idea

halloween costume idea band leader in marching band jacket, hat and plumeladies in band costume halloween ideaband girl playing fluteband man with band lady

…unhappy band man not wanting to wear his band hat…

the marching band crew dressed for halloween

Halloween has to be one of the best celebrations around.  I mean, a day to dress up as whomever or whatever you want, why not?!  Though each year I look forward to this night, I still find myself scrimmaging for costumes at the very last minute.  And still, each year becomes a competition with the last. The year of the Mariachi band was where it all began. Hands down one of the most fun costumes to wear. Busting into parties playing accordions, banjos, maracas and tambourines- well, that can’t be beat.  This year though, was a close second…

It all started when my mom and sister decided to check out a local vintage shop. There, they discovered the marching bandleader hat, as I like to call it. With no intended use for it, they swooped it without hesitation, simply thinking it was cool…

On another shopping journey my sister and her friend randomly walked into Belmont Army vintage shop in Chicago. With no objective in mind and to their surprise they stumbled upon a section of band jackets from various high schools around town…

Exhibit A meets Exhibit B and voila! The marching band costume came to life.

As for all the other band hats, eBay to the rescue!

A very special thank you to Kelly from Smith Walbridge Band Products for being so awesome in the process of ordering our plumes. I discovered their website in hunt of feather plumes for our hats. Kelly was an amazing help in completing and delivering our order on time. If you’re ever in need of a plume, or any band product, Smith Walbridge is your shop.

Now what to be for next year?!

Stay tuned my loves.


PS. Apologizing for the not so greatest quality of photos.  That’s all I had to choose from and needed to share this costume idea with you!

PPS. How funny, the flute my sister is “playing” just happens to be my flute from 5th grade band. Amazing.


  1. MArisa 10.16.2019

    I need your exact halloween costume for halloween costume ball! I was wondering where you got it?

    Please help :))


    • elamariie 07.24.2020

      Hi Marisa!

      All on ebay, everything linked!! Thanks so much!

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