happily ever after


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We traveled in three, my mom, Olivia and I, for a sweet celebration all the way to the motherland. My cousin, Ula, was getting married and I was her maid of honor. Her wedding incorporated our highlander traditions but with a modern chic flair. The theme color was royal blue and I volunteered to find the perfect bridesmaid dresses. After a hopeless search, I decided to design them myself. The end result: royal perfection. It was different. It was traditional. It was beautiful. The wedding lasted nearly four days! From decorating and celebrating to dancing and rally racing, we, without doubt, had the best of times! It’s been two years since I’ve last been in Poland and how great it was to see my family and friends again. With the wedding, it was beyond sweet to have met so many amazing people and develop new friendships. Each trip gets better than the one before. As time elapses, friendships grow stronger, family becomes closer, and to simply look around…observing the scene outside will leave you breathless, every time.
Cheers to Ula and Robert. To a healthy, happy and prosperous life. May each of your days be filled with more love than the last.