Dubai –→ Malé –→ Mirihi

A four-hour flight, a seaplane and boat ride later we landed on the most magnificent island, surrounded by the most majestic waters of the Indian Ocean…

Only 350 meters long and 50 meters wide, Mirihi is known as the smallest of the Maldives islands.

30 minutes we flew seaplane from the main island, Malé, and that in itself was a sight to see. We arrived on a wooden platform, disembarked the plane just to embark a boat to take us to our island, Mirihi.

We walked the pier, onto the sand and into the lobby where we were greeted with the freshest and most delicious coconut water, straw in and straight out of the shell! First things first, we were told to remove our shoes only to be informed that they would not be back on our feet until we departed. The entire island is SAND! And therefore shoes are not required, ANYWHERE! A kind of diversion you actually favor. So crazy yet so, so cool.

Escorted through sandy pathways of palm trees and tropics we arrived at yet another pier that lead us directly into our astounding villa.

…A picture perfect scene not even a picture can do justice…one that will truly leave you speechless…

Champagne toasts and fresh island fruits we celebrated our trip to this beautiful place. If there’s one thing you HAVE to do, snorkel the house reef! Here you’ll discover a world so vast, so beautiful so incredible. It’s like watching “Finding Nemo” but this time, you’re the star of the show.  The best part- jump directly into the glimmering waters straight from your bedroom door.

Though the island is small, here are a few fun things to do during your stay:

Kayak/Paddle board: anything to be in or on the water! You can venture around the turquoise waters and still be able to see the beauty of the underworld!

Rum and chocolate tasting: Mirihi houses the largest Rum collection in all the Maldives and Indian Ocean. Learn its history and pairings with delectable sides and engaging stories.

Play soccer with the locals: Everyday at 4pm all the workers and locals face each other in a game of soccer! And no worries, if you don’t play just enjoy the show, so fun☺

Embrace the beauty of the island; eat all the rare fruits and the delicious seafood among other local tasty dishes. The beauty of the island is truly alive in its waters, its cuisine and its people.

* Mirihi just celebrated its 13th anniversary, and its birthdate- January 27th.  Proud to share my birthday with this emerald gem ♥

Mirihi Island Resort, thank you!