moody mustard

Steps outside of Moody Church hence the ever so fitting title I so effortlessly brought about this post (ha).  Really no reason of my relevance/whereabouts around the church… the architecture is striking and ironically matches my sweeping accordion-esque pants.  Really thriving on any wide leg trouser that allows for multiple, [can’t stress enough] multiple styling abilities. Like layered over boots for one, and later styled with slides and a swimsuit.  Which at this point seems we’ll be wearing a century or so away.

The never ending Chicago polar vortex has me immensely longing for even the slightest sign of spring.  Still freezing though…

It’s been so long since my last post! Finally getting back into the swing of things, I’ll be sharing lots of street style looks with you, soon!  Heading to Miami this weekend and so excited to feel that glowing sun. 

Zara pant and boot (similar here)

Generation Bliss sweater (last season)

B low the Belt

Louis Vuitton clutch

Stay swag.


Photography by Jules Kennedy