the arrival




American West clutch/wallet. Ark & co. lace dress. Topshop booties.

Totally stoked to have gotten my hands on this clutch. Huge online shopping site, ShopNBC, sent me this wallet from the American West handbag collection. The pony hair detail is by far my fave! Its cow-like appearance provides a refreshing twist to the already trending animal print. Pair it with anything to add that perfect something.

Recently snatched these booties at Topshop’s grand opening on Michigan Ave. Had them on my feet for a mere ten minutes before plummeting my way down a flight of stairs [head first]. Luckily, my arms were fixed on the railings- preventing any real damage to occur. Just point three seconds and some scratched up stairs provided my boots with a worn look that could have taken a few times of wearing to manifest. Hilarious now, not so funny at the time.